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Being bad at poker is an advantage in 2023 and Beyond

Those who are bad at Poker will be welcomed into the Best Poker Games in the world and this is an invaluable advantage.

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The Curse of Being Good at Poker 

If you are good at poker, your expertise becomes obvious. People realize its hard to win money from you and you stop getting invited to Games.

Some of the best poker players in the world are my friends. They often express to me their frustration that nobody wants to play with them.

This is the reason most of the best players in the world start coaching. It becomes nearly impossible for them to find games to play in.

Imagine, If you’re Tiger woods. People will come to watch you play, admire your skills, but they will not line up to bet with you on a round of golf.

In Poker, its not good to have this situation where nobody wants to play with you. It is essential to get invited to games. More specifically – the best games. The kind of games where Rich and Affluent people are playing for fun. Where they don’t care about winning. They care more about having fun – they’re entertaining themselves. They’re Gambling! These are the games where most money can be won. These are also the most fun games.

"Poker is a wonderful card game, the money is just a convenient way of keeping score"

Why Being Bad at Poker can be Good

If you’re a recreational poker player who is not very good at Poker – perhaps a business owner who likes to play Poker for fun – you have a great advantage:

Any Poker Game in the world will welcome you

Here is what I learned after 12 years of playing Underground Poker Games all across Asia, Middle East and Europe – 

There exist private networks of exclusive poker games in every city.

Molly’s Game did not happen in a Casino. It was organized privately. A man lost 100 Million dollars one night in Molly’s Game and paid the next day.

Most valuable opportunities in Poker are not found in the European Poker Tour or WSOP. They are found within these private games.

If you are a recreational player, it is your job to find this game in your city. Good news is they will welcome you if you are a Recreational player.

This is your advantage. This is your edge.

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You can change your Poker destiny by changing –  The Game you play in and who you play with.

Who you play with is more important than how well you play Poker. Often being bad at Poker gives you access to the Best Poker Games. And that is why Richest Poker Players will be those who are somewhat bad at Poker but have Access to the Best Games.


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